History of Lederer Motors


The Lederer family started quarter midget racing over 40 years ago with Jeff's older brother "Bink". Jeff's Dad, Herman developed a knack for working on the then state of the art Continental flathead engine. Herman and Bink went on to run the 1967 QMA Grand National Championship races. This is back when there was only one Grands and it was held either on the East Coast or the West Coast. If you timed in the top ten you were in the A main. The B main were the next ten an so on. There were no transfers, and also no judges.

Herman's progress with the Continental engines improved and he started working on engines for racers all over the country. In the mean time Bink was turning into a winning driver collecting wins and many track records. The Lederers were one of the first race teams to use a roll cage in our area, which was a controversial safety device at the time.


David giving Jeff some
advice in the pits

Jeff's novice record award

Jeff out on the track

After years of hanging around the track and watching his older brother race, Jeff finally got his chance to drive. Jeff enjoyed it and was good, earning the novice track record. Of course he always had one of Herman's engines behind him.

David, Jeff and Herman in the Oaklane pits


The Lederer family retired from quarter midget racing so Bink could run larger cars and Jeff could try his hand at racing Karts.


After years of racing Jeff hangs up his helmet and goes to machinist's school, graduates, gets married and starts a family.


Herman, now joined by Jeff, started building engines again for local racers. Jeff's machinist training serves him well when they build the first inertial dyno to be used on quarter midgets. This dyno worked well and gave an honest measure of the engine's true performance. The word spread among local racers and the Lederer's started shipping motors around the country again. As demand for Lederer motors increased Jeff started making more and more of the components in house.


Jeff's oldest son Kristian started racing quarter midgets at the Oaklane track. Kristian progressed quickly into a formidable racer and with Lederer power has collected many track records, sponsor cup wins and a Grand National championship.


Lederer motors designs and builds their own range of QMA legal carburetors for Deco engines.


Lederer Motors the highest quality Deco motors for quarter midget racing. Jeff and Herman work side by side each day machining components to exact tolerances, carefully assembling then tuning each engine on the dyno. 100% of the work is performed in house. They will supply brand new engines or service your existing engine. Lederer motors also supports the DIY Deco racer. Please call Lederer Motors to make your Deco be all it can be.

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